Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The 90's make a comeback!

Third Eye Blind- you may know them for their song "Jumper".
..and that's about it.
Then again, I may just be uninformed and stupid, because once they were about 6 songs into their set- here at Providence for our "Spring Concert"- I realized that I knew most of these songs. I just thought other bands played them, such as that "Graduate" song, and "Never Let You Go". Turns out it was Third Eye Blind, and not Semisonic or Counting Crows or Gin Blossoms or Soundgarden. So, nevertheless, I was very impressed with their performance, and the energy the lead singer (his name escapes me) washed over the crowd was like a tidal wave hitting a small Indonesian fishing village. The only gripe I have about the show, has nothing to do with the show itself. Some bitches (yes, they were bitches. They arrived drunk, with two guys that were probobly stoned, had their point and shoot cameras, and were obnoxiously loud.) stood behind us, and totally disregarded the fact that they were pushing into us, stepping on our feet, holding onto us(?) to keep balance, and yelling on their phones so all attention was on them (bitches love attention). Anywho, after listening to this one pretty girl (correction: she was not pretty. she was applying makeup with one of those feather duster things on her face, and putting on globs of lipstick. all the makeup did was accentuate the craters on her face) scream for about 20 minutes, I finally turned around and let out an exasperated "relax", to which she replied, and I quote:
Yes, I though only people in England actually used cunt as a derogatory term. I mean, I know it is a dergoatory term, but I have never heard somebody in the U.S call another U.S citizen a "cunt". Maybe a "pussy", or even a "vagina". Cunt, to me, is the epitomy of a disguating word. It reminds me of punt, and then I pair kick with vagina and...you know.

So, this all comes down to I went to a great show, but was called a cunt.

Not too shabby of a tuesday night, if I say so myself.

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